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This was the first month of my blog. I didn't manage to post too regularly, or cover many of my stated goals, but it got me started.

June 4th, 2002 I really like the idea of Narrative as landscape. Since reading the article I have noticed more phrases and analogies, similar to those presented in the article. I have also seen the idea discussed in the introduction to Ill Met in Lankhmar, I believe, and heard it mentioned by a writer on television.

June 18th, 2002 I have been spending much time in Archspace. This on-line, turn based strategy, space empire game has some interesting features, and enough variations to keep advanced players busy. I've also been off in Murkon's Refuge, a fantasy dungeon crawl, that although a bit dull in the middle (just keep clicking and clicking) has held my attention for a couple of months.

June 26th, 2002 I read this article on the web's usefulness. Although the examples chosen were weak, all pointing to essentially similar answers, which went against the author's point, the thesis is correct, if a little disingenuous. I brushed the whole thing off until a friend and I tried to settle the question, which is the biggest bear. We found the following sites: National Wildlife Federation, which identifies Polar Bears as the largest. State of Alaska, which identifies Kodiak Bears as the largest. US Fish & Wildlife Service, which states that they are the same size.

At least one of these sites refers to Species, and one refers to Subspecies, so the comparison may not be exact, but it was interesting that it was possible to make an argument, from an authoritative site, for any of three possible conclusions.

June 27th, 2002 My wife asked me to find some information on soundproofing products for her. I came across this site debunking the use of wires as soundproofing. If you would like an FAQ or a more technical introduction to soundproofing you can follow these links.

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