L. E. Modesitt Jr.

L. E. Modesitt Jr. provides his own brand of magic in the Recluce series. Modesitt's world balances between Order and Chaos. The Island of Recluce is home to great Order wizards, and people who infuse everything they do with Order. The majority of people live somewhere along the balance, although outside of Recluce the Chaos wizards hold the most sway. I read the third book, The Magic Engineer, first, because the idea of combining magic with technology intrigued me. After that first read I decided to give Modesitt a serious look and began with the first of the Recluce series, The Magic of Recluce which almost put me off the whole work. However, remembering the joy I had with my first Modesitt read, I continued on to The Towers of the Sunset and found again the spark that gripped me in the third novel. Although I am only just begining The Order War, fourth in the series I will recomend all of them after the first. It may be helpful to mention that the second book in the series actually deals with the founding of the Island of Recluce, so I do not feel that the reader is missing any key information by skipping the first novel.

I have also picked up The Soprano Sorceress the first in Modesitt's Spellsong Cycle. I expect to read many more good and excellent books by L. E. Modesitt Jr. going forward.

Well The Order War bombed for me. As it turns out the first book published in the series is actually a sequal to the fourth book published. The Recluce Chronology, given in the comments on the Amazon Listmania List, makes me leary of continuing in this series. As Modesitt moves forward in time, his writing becomes more and more drab. The author seems to have little clue where Recluce is going. I hope that the Spellsong Cycle proves to have more staying power.

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