Bruce Sterling

I occasionaly get Bruce Sterling mixed up with Neal Stephenson. Both authors write commentary on the state of technology and similarly aspected worlds. However, Sterling seems to go in for a more mystical experience. I thoroughly enjoyed both Islands in the Net and Heavy Weather. The first dealing with Mega Corporations (ala Shadowrun) and the power of information, while the second deals with a group of weather chasers, and the price of following your dreams.

Nov 16, 2004 I finished Schismatrix Plus. Some time ago. Overall an enjoyable work, I have yet to finish all the little extras. I honestly think that the universe would make for an excellent role playing game, and certianly a fertile ground for others to expand and explore. Unfortunately, according to the authors preface, and our very own wholly own subsidy of the RIAA and MPAA: congress, no one will be able to do so for the next 82 years or more. :(

Sometime in the past I have only just begun Schismatrix Plus: Includes Schismatrix and Selected Stories from Crystal Express. I believe that this will be one of Sterling's best works, even though the preface makes it clear that this is his first real novel. I am a bit bothered by Sterling's resistance to allow others to use his world, however, and would like to encourage anyone reading the book to also purchase, or download for free, Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture. (Download free version of Free Culture [pdf].) If Bruce ever reads this page, he should check out my blog Random Mumblings to get an idea of the important issues facing the public domain and general creative community here in the US.

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