Hamster Rules

  2. You may not refer to the hamsters as snack, dinner, fish bait, or any other edible item (and you may not eat them)
  3. When feeding them Raman noodles, stop when their cheeks get wider than their butts
  4. No it would not be funny to see them roll down the steps in the ball
  5. No it would not be funny to play hamster soccer or hockey or basketball or any other sport or recreational activity involving using the hamsters as equipment
  6. Do not feed them chocolate, no matter how much they beg
  7. They are not to be deep fried, even though they would make a good shish-cabob (see number two: the food rule)
  8. They do not widdle in people's rooms (Hacker) although they may in your hat or Shen's hand... or both at the same time... (that was fun to clean...)
  9. The hamsters are not aloud in the machine room for more than ten minutes (As per Jeff Kenney)
  10. No putting body butter on the hamsters would not be cool:)
  11. If you ever hear yourself asking, "Wow, I wonder if hamsters like to play Slip-N-Slide?".... the answer is no
  12. You are not aloud to put the hamsters in Biff, the chair Josh D. and Justin are working on, because they might fall off and get crushed in the wheels.

Any additional rules that you can think of will be greatly appreciated, just send e-mail to me, Cynthia Miller

Last updated June 24, 1997