Cognitive Science

This is a collection of quotes and links to Cognitive Science information. I hope to add some book reviews and more ideas in the future.

The real reason for studying CAs is to promote artificial life... this is the computer scientist's Great Work as surely as the building of the Notre Dame cathedral on the Ile de France was the Great Work of the medieval artisan.

Rudy Rucker as quoted by Steven Levy in "Artifical Life", pg. 47

I think, therefore I am.


September 8th, 2003 The Open Mind Word Expert project is about Stealing Cycles From Humans [pdf], but in a positive way helping computers to understand language ambiguites. I encourage everyone to help out.

  • Brainchildren : Essays on Designing Minds
    The above book, is a very good collection of essays covering various issues in Cognitive Science. Although the papers are limited to Dennett's thoughts on the topics they provide a good starting point for exploring the issues. My copy was stollen before I had a chance to complete the book, and I am anxiously awaiting a replacement.