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Mail Domain Hosting Info

If you own a domain name, UofR.net can serve as the mail exchanger for your domain. You can have all mail delivered to your UofR.net account, or customize things.


To apply for mail domain hosting, send an email to sysadmin at uofr dot net with the following information:

DNS Configuration

After hosting is set up, you have to set the MX record for your domain to point to mail.uofr.net.


The behavior of your mail domain is controlled by an alias file. Your domain's alias file will be located in the directory /usr/cif/etc/mail_domains.

As configured on UofR.net, each line contains an alias name, a colon, and a list of addresses to deliver mail to. If the alias name is *, unmatched messages will be delivered to that address. For example, let's say the user foobar owns the the domain example.com:

# Virtual mail domain alias 
business: john, karen@other.domain.com
pleasure: foobar, cindy, joe@joe.com
*: foobar

In this setup, mail for business@example.com will be delivered to the UofR.net user john and also sent to karen@other.domain.com. Mail for pleasure@example.com will be delivered to the UofR.net users foobar and cindy, and also sent to joe@joe.com. Any remaining mail is delivered to foobar.

The format of the alias file is fully described in the Exim documentation.