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Shell Info

We provide shell access to your UofR.net account via the secure shell (SSH). Use shell access to run programs directly on the server, modify account settings, finger other users, and have a good 1337 time.

SSH clients

Most UNIX machines (including Linux, the BSDs, and Mac OS X) ship with OpenSSH installed. OpenSSH provides the command-line ssh client. Windows and Mac OS (classic) users will have to download an SSH client before connecting:


Connect to the host uofr.net. Only the SSH2 protocol is supported. For example, to connect using the OpenSSH command-line client, run:

ssh yourname@ssh.uofr.net

Connection processes vary for other clients.

The first time you connect, you will be shown a server key fingerprint asked to verify the server's identity. Make sure the fingerprint matches our server's SSH Key Fingerprint:


If it does not, someone is doing something nasty and you should not continue to connect.