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Administration Policies and Procedures

To ensure the smooth functioning of the UofR.net service, we have adopted the following policies and procedures.

Password Resets

When you registered for your account, you provided us with two secuity questions and answers to those questions. If you forget your password, you can reset it by successfully answering both questions. If at any time your security questions become insecure, you can change them to ensure account security. To reset your password or change your security questions, contact sysadmin at uofr dot net.

Account Expiration

Your UofR.net account will expire if you fail to log in or check your email for six months. If you require an exemption from this policy, contact the system administrator at: sysadmin at uofr dot net

Disk Quotas

To ensure that all users of UofR.net have access to a reasonable amount of disk space, the system enforces quotas on both the number of files you own and the total size of those files. Quotas are applied to files in your home directory.

If you exceed your quota, you will receive a warning via email. If you do not reduce your usage within the grace period, the system will prevent you from creating new files.

To determine your quota, grace period, and current usage, log into your account and type: quota -v