Joshua Drake

duck stamp Currently employed by ADESA, in Indianapolis, IN and living in Westfield, IN home of Grand Park area. When not at work, I read Science Fiction, Fantasy and other books. I also enjoy building Lego with my two daughters and watching movies or playing board, card, and console games with my wife.

I graduated from the University of Rochester, with a BA in Cognitive Science. My summers in Rochester were incredible and I spent one interning for the Computer Science Department, working with two robotic wheelchairs, and one working for NetAccess, a local ISP, doing web database development.

I found OpenID a long time back, and use MyOpenID as my ID server. OpenID helps me connect to all my StackExchange accounts, especially my StackOverflow profile.

blogging books, and Random Mumnblings continue to be on haitus right now. I hope to do more development related postings, so check back every once in a while.

Currently I am interested in Ruby, League of Legends and writing. I have been interested in blacksmithing, Information Architecture, discipleship, and narative as landscape.

Here is an HTML version of my never quite up-to-date resume.

General Interest

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