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File Transfer Info

Two protocols are available for transferring files to and from your account -- SCP and SFTP. SCP lets you copy files to or from the server noninteractively. SFTP, much like FTP, provides an interactive session though which you can perform many file management operations.

SCP/SFTP clients

Most UNIX machines (including Linux, the BSDs, and Mac OS X) ship with OpenSSH installed. OpenSSH provides the command-line scp and sftp clients. We also recommend the following SCP/SFTP clients:


Connect to the host uofr.net.

The first time you connect, you will be shown a server key fingerprint asked to verify the server's identity. Make sure the fingerprint matches our server's SSH Key Fingerprint. If it does not, someone is doing something nasty and you should not continue to connect.

An alternative: FTP over an SSH tunnel

You can connect to our FTP server via a secure SSH tunnel. You need to create an SSH tunnel from a local port on your machine (say, 2121) to port 21 on uofr.net. When using the OpenSSH client, the command is:

ssh -L 2121:localhost:21 yourname@ssh.uofr.net -N

Then, set your FTP client to connect to localhost, port 2121. Sometimes this is specified as localhost:2121. Do not turn on SSL encryption. Your FTP client will talk to the FTP server as if it was on your machine, and all communications will be encrypted in transit.

Many SSH clients support tunnelling. See shell accounts for a list of clients.